February Yoga Club Box

Since I teach and I am running around all over I am wearing yoga clothing 99% of the time. I signed up for Yoga Club Box and it’s been an absolute life saver! This is the box I just received today! I LOVE IT! I got a top from Free People valued at $38, bra TLF Apparel valued at $52 and super cute leggings from Glyder valued at $ is the kicker, I only paid $69 for ALL OF IT!


March Yoga Club Box

March Yoga Club Box came today and again didn’t disappoint! I’m actually not one for long sleeved yoga tops that are open in the back, but this is what Yoga Club Box is for right?! We get to try out cute new styles of fitness apparel. In this case, it’s another win! 😍 
1️⃣I received sleek compression blue ombré leggings that are priced at $92 from Vie Activewear LOVE!! Blue is my favorite color! 
2️⃣Sports bra from Columbia, which is so comfortable I could sleep in it! This was priced at $26. 3️⃣Lastly the top, which I never would buy this style on my own, but OMG, it looks awesome! So light, flowy and feminine. 💕This was also from Vie Activewear priced at $60!
Such a beautiful outfit this month, I hope I don’t sweat too much in it. 😬 


Check out the link below and get $10 off your box!