For the Love of Yoga

I love my job. I love the people, and I love the energy and light they bring to the space. This is what makes my job awesome. I’m a yoga teacher and to some I’ve been called their teacher, that’s how deep the connection is sometimes. 

In many cases, in the studios and gyms that I work for there are people who are the ones in charge, the fitness manager, senior instructor, studio manager, studio owner or lead instructor. These people are the ones you look to for guidance. Maybe they just sub your class on occasion or maybe they are the ones paying you. For me personally, these are the people I look up to, the ones that I can trust to steer the ship as well as be kind, compassionate and honest. I have to say that currently I look up to 6 different people. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, but that key word here is honesty. 

Several months ago, I took on a teaching position at a local space. I had the opportunity to teach what I really loved. The studio was small and intimate, and the owner had her way of running the studio. I enjoyed it there, in fact I was able to take on another class a couple months later. 

About 3 months in there was a strange vibe from the owner, energy had shifted. Then a couple weeks later she announced to us, her staff that she was going to close the studio. She had told me personally that it was just so expensive, and her younger children missed her and she thought this would be best for her family, even though this was a huge piece that she was letting go of. She had us work out the month and the last month she was just going to offer limited classes that she would teach herself. Within that last month of teaching there she said that her and her family were going on a vacation. Several of us covered a few of her classes as well as our own. We steered the ship the 2 ½ weeks she was gone. 

Upon her return, somewhere and somehow she decided to stay open. That’s great!! The sad part of this though was that we weren’t included as part of this rebirth, nor were we even told that she decided to stay open. I actually happened to find out 3-4 days after she made the announcement on Facebook. It was like a miracle or something? 

This is the part of this story that gets shitty, and I have no doubt that none of the students that continued to go to her classes knew any of this. She didn’t have the money to pay us. The month leading up to closing and the last couple weeks of the month before we hadn’t been paid. As she told me “I sacrificed to keep the studio open”...what she didn’t tell anyone was that she sacrificed our energy to keep the studio open. Something that didn’t belong to her. Remember that word I mentioned a couple paragraphs ago...honesty. This is the whole reason for me writing this. I don’t want to sound like I’m bitching here, but seriously what is wrong with people? Why would someone lie about this kind of thing? I constantly ask myself, I love yoga so much, but how could someone else who supposedly does to act like this? 

After all it’s all said and done, and even now I still take the time to send loving kindness to her during my meditation. That’s what it’s all about right? Appreciating all I share my light and energy with.Thank you to those of you out there-  keeping it real, honest and for staying humble. I’m just doing it for my love of yoga.